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All of our air freshener products are hand-made to ensure they are at full strength when you receive your  order.        

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Price:  $7.50

Made with a specially formulated non-toxic polymer crystal, Jelly Jems are decorative as well as fragrant.  Best used in a small room or a room, such as a child's room, where you want fragrance without a flame.  Jelly Jems are sold in 12 oz. globe-shaped jars with a daisy perforated metal lid.  Just like our candles, Jelly Jems can be made in any fragrance and color combination you choose.   Once they are spent, you can safely dispose of the dried crystals in the trash.  Do not put down the drain.   Local customers (Spartanburg, SC area) save your jars and return them to us for low cost refills.Jelly Jems