We are now offering a choice of three wick options:

      No Wick for use with candle warmers.   Our greenest option!
Hemp Wicks - These are our standard wicks as they provide
a hotter, cleaner burn than most other
A green wick option.
Wood Wicks - These soft wood wicks are treated with a
clean patented burning agent for good
They are manufactured by a company that uses safe
and sustainable forestry
practices.  Depending on your
fragrance and color choice, these candles may have a
appearance.  They will also add a hint of
burning wood aroma to your candle.  Due to the
these wicks are not a green option.


               2016 FRAGRANCE LIST    

Over 300 fragrances to choose from.

New fragrances are highlighted in red.

Click on the link provided with each category to see the
fragrance descriptions.

Fragrances with no description are true to their name.

To help you make a healthier, greener fragrance choice,
the descriptions indicate if the fragrance
is Phthalate and/or Nitro Musk Free.

  CLASSIC FRAGRANCES Click for Descriptions
    Classic Fragrances 1
   Classic Fragances 2
  FOOD FRAGRANCES  Click for Descriptions
Food Fragrances 1
Food Fragrances 2         
BEVERAGE FRAGRANCES Click for Descriptions
 Beverage Fragrances
  OUTDOOR FRAGRANCES Click for Descriptions 
Outdoor Fragrances